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Rabbit – King’s Road

Posted on January 17, 2015

Brought up on a smallholding vineyard in West Sussex on an alfresco diet of hunting, foraging and lungfuls of country air, the Gladwin boys enjoyed a bucolic childhood, one that left them fated for the food business. But even so, a restaurant cooperative inspired by the frolics and the landscape of their youth couldn’t have been anything more than a pipedream. Who else in their right mind would pay to eat flora from the underside of a rotting trunk or choose ruminant offal over prime cuts unless they’ve been bred that way? Well these days it seems just about everyone. Foraging is on trend. What was once a form of survival has become a fashion statement in the restaurant world. It’s seen as wholeheartedly British…

Granger & Co – Westbourne Grove

Posted on November 9, 2014

Granger & Co. marries a British peculiarity with an Antipodean attitude. Just why the people of Westbourne Grove will queue politely round the corner for a laid back plate of eggs I don’t know. I never made it inside the first time around. I’d heard the breakfasts were good, and by the looks of things so had others. Midday on a Sunday, the queue was the type you’d complain about at Alton Towers and, unfortunately, for average Joes like you and me, fast tracks don’t exist in the restaurant business so I didn’t even bother. Unless it has a bar to wait in, you won’t catch me queuing for a restaurant (having said that I ended up waiting 20 minutes for a table at…